Sunday, December 12, 2010

viva la thriftstore

so, i'm a addict. it started when i was 15 looking for my first pair of used levis. then i was back everyweek finding more, and more. It soon became clear to me that if i didn't get help, i was going to have my own thiftstore in my own house. not good. so after much counseling ( more discipline) and years later, i had cut my ties and gave up the gun. However, not until my move to denver, have i rediscovered the beauty of thriftstores again (thanks to my thriftstore addict friend Amy) So i thought i'd share my one room i have where everything is second hand (except the mirror and the christmas decor, oh and the face pillow and octopus). Eventually this room will have wood floors so don't judge the nasty carpet.
chair: $ 2.49 - 20% off. can not beat that .I might refinish the fabric on the chair, once i figure out my color scheme
table $4.99

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