Sunday, December 5, 2010

Introducing: Sister Hipster Hoop Art

Ok I have to admit, I think I found a new love...... These were so fun to make, I wish I had bought more hopes. I'm going to admit, I found these hopes at a thrift store when everything was 50% off and I'm kicking myself for not having bought the whole bunch. Oh well. So these were a hit at the show, despite the fact I only sold one, the flower one, there were still a lot of people that liked em. The thing i like about these is I can add PAPER!!!! me and paper don't get a long so much because everything i make deals with messes usually and I have to wash everything. BUT, if i can mix paper and fabric for art, i'm a happy mama! i feel so much more creative. I also have some vintage bunting that I did the same too. love it. nuf said.
sold $30

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Amber said...

i love this idea!!! You're so creative and i love how your stuff is so quirky :) Love ya!