Sunday, December 12, 2010

holiday dishes, thrift store style

can't wait to put some holiday goodies on these bad boys....
super easy to make. love hand made.

viva la thriftstore

so, i'm a addict. it started when i was 15 looking for my first pair of used levis. then i was back everyweek finding more, and more. It soon became clear to me that if i didn't get help, i was going to have my own thiftstore in my own house. not good. so after much counseling ( more discipline) and years later, i had cut my ties and gave up the gun. However, not until my move to denver, have i rediscovered the beauty of thriftstores again (thanks to my thriftstore addict friend Amy) So i thought i'd share my one room i have where everything is second hand (except the mirror and the christmas decor, oh and the face pillow and octopus). Eventually this room will have wood floors so don't judge the nasty carpet.
chair: $ 2.49 - 20% off. can not beat that .I might refinish the fabric on the chair, once i figure out my color scheme
table $4.99

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Design

bib:$10shirts: $10 (also, did i mention the shirts are organic cotton? incase anyone is wondering)

Vintage Bunting

There are my absolute favorite things to make!!! Like i said earlier, i'll mix fabric and paper any day if i can get away with it. weird fetish of mine i guess. It feels so wrong, and yet looks so right. These measure 5' to 7' and all the images vary. ribbon colors vary too.

large vintage bunting: $12

small vintage bunting

hint...... this makes a fun stocking stuffer.......

these are miniature versions of the larger vintage bunting. They measure anywhere from 3' to 5', all having tiny vintage images on each flag. The fabric ranges from white, white with light blue polka dots, to white with small pink polka dots. All images vary. The ribbon with dark brown but can be specified to any color with an order.

3' =$5
5'= $7

Introducing: Sister Hipster Hoop Art

Ok I have to admit, I think I found a new love...... These were so fun to make, I wish I had bought more hopes. I'm going to admit, I found these hopes at a thrift store when everything was 50% off and I'm kicking myself for not having bought the whole bunch. Oh well. So these were a hit at the show, despite the fact I only sold one, the flower one, there were still a lot of people that liked em. The thing i like about these is I can add PAPER!!!! me and paper don't get a long so much because everything i make deals with messes usually and I have to wash everything. BUT, if i can mix paper and fabric for art, i'm a happy mama! i feel so much more creative. I also have some vintage bunting that I did the same too. love it. nuf said.
sold $30

New Shirts

So i don't dabble too much in childrens apparel, unless I'm shopping at Old Navy for my kids but I thought I'd try a few new styles that might be cute. I'm still not sure how much i like em, but i thought I'd list em anyways.

ruffle tee: $15
image tee: $12
mini belt tee: $15

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

new tag blankets with prices

sorry it's so tiny! just click on it to enlarge..... whoops

updated burpers

so i have so many more new burp cloths that i've sold over the last two years that really put the ones already listed on this blog totally out of date. So here are just few of what my new styles look like: plus, i have organic ones too, super soft. By the way, if you don't know what these things are for, then oh my goodness, you are in for a treat:) They are the best things for a baby!!! I use mine for everything! changing pads, snotty noses, cleaning spills, burp cloths (obviously:) or even cloth diapers if you're up for it. love em!

holiday bunting....retro style

made lots for the show, so fun to hang. don't have my holiday deco up yet, probably would look better with it, but oh well, hopefully you get the idea

Monday, November 8, 2010

fabric sneak peek:

So I thought I'd throw in a few pics of some fabrics I recently bought. These will be used to make some fun goodies for the upcoming Fancy Tiger sale. Thought I'd share.

So Excited!

Please come!! tell you friends, your mom, your grandma, you aunt, your barber, your dog and your deer! I'd love to see you! Plus, this sale is ALL HANDMADE goodies, guaranteed you'll be liking.

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Bib Designs

So This is the latest set of bibs that i recently made for the last show I did, I will have more like it for the upcoming show in Decemeber. Hopefully you can all make

These two are 100% organic

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dish Towels!

So I've gotten some requests for other products besides "baby" products so i'm now introducing hand decorated dish towels!

"Oh Deer" two fawns $8

"Oh Deer" $8

"Embroidered Flower" $10